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Topaz, worldwide bestseller and America's favorite, is the 'Jewel In The Crown' of semi-precious gemstones. Steeped in nearly two and a half thousand years of legend, Topaz exudes more style and sophistication, and in more colors than any other gemstone in it's class.

Like no other gemstone, Topaz has the honor of being the official birthstone for two consecutive months; Yellow Topaz is the birthstone of November, Blue Topaz the birthstone for December. Topaz is also the recognized gemstone of the fourth, nineteenth and twenty third wedding anniversaries.

Topaz is composed of one of the hardest minerals known to man, and posses a fire so brilliant that when Portuguese gem savants mounted a 1680-carat Topaz into the Portuguese Crown Jewels, they named it the 'Braganza Diamond' thinking they had found the world's largest diamond.