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Pearls are gemstones and should be treated with care.

Pearl and Mother Of Pearl are hydrated gemstones, so it is essential to keep them away from direct sunlight, strong sources of heat or very dry atmospheres. If Pearls are left to dry out their surfaces will crack and become less resistant to ware and tear. Never use strong abrasives or alcohol to polish your Pearls, as this will destroy its play of color.

When you put your Pearl jewelry on do it after you have used hair sprays, cosmetics and perfumes as these can act in a corrosive manner. Wash your Pearl jewelry with mild soap and water when you take them off, this will remove any traces of hair spray or perfume.

When storing them keep them in a chamois bag or wrapped in tissue in a dark cool place, and keep them looking their best by wiping them occasionally with a damp cloth. Wear them often; Pearls love the bodies’ natural oils. The Nizams of India, famous for their Pearl treasures, used to adorn their court eunuchs with Pearls as their body oils kept them in perfect condition!