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Silver Charms silver charm chains

Charm Chain Lengths

Charm chain lengths for charm and bead bracelets are calculated from one end to the other including the clasp that attaches both ends together. To find the right length of sterling silver charm chain for your wrist we suggest you take a piece of string wrap it around your wrist then measure that string against a ruler. Once you have this measurement add one inch (2.5 cm) to that and you have your correct bracelet length.

Charm Chain Lengths

If it is for a child of thirteen or under add three quarters of an inch (1.9 cm). The following guides are the basic lengths available with the extra inch of the clasp already included.

Charm Chain Lengths For A Girls Bracelet

Four to Five Years Old – 5 and ¾ Inches (14.6 cm)
Six to Seven Years Old – 6 Inches (15.2 cm)
Eight to Nine Years Old - 6 ¼ Inches (15.9 cm)
Ten to Eleven Years Old - 6 ½ Inches ( 16.5 cm)
Twelve to Thirteen Years Old- 6 ¾ Inches (17.1 cm)

Charm Chain Lengths For A Womans Bracelet

Petite to Average Charm Bead Bracelet Size with Small Bone Structure - 7 Inches (17.8 cm)
Average Charm Bead Bracelet Size with Bone Structure - 7 ¼ Inches (18.4 cm)
Extended Average Charm And Bead Bracelet Size with Above Average Bone Structure - 7 ½ Inches (19.1 cm)
Large Charm And Bead Bracelet Size with Large Bone Structure - 7 ¾ Inches (19.7 cm)
Extra-Large Charm Bracelet Size with Extra Large Bone Structure – 8 to 9 Inches (20.3 cm to 22.9 cm)

Charm Chain Lengths For A Womans Necklace

Collar Charm Necklace - 12 to 13 Inches (30.5 cm to 33 cm) fits closely around the neck.
Choker Charm Necklace - 14 to 16 inches (35.6 cm to 40.6 cm) sits around the base of the neck.
Princess Charm Necklace - 17 to 19 inches (43.2 cm to 48.3 cm) for high and low necklines.

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