Pearls, like nothing on Earth, encapsulate the energy and purity of the oceans. ‘The Queen of Gems’ are organic but they are also, unlike any other gemstone, formed and born from within their mother: the Pearl oyster. Pearls are hydrated organic gemstones usually produced by bivalve mollusks, especially Pearl oysters and river mussels.

Found between the mantle and shell of these mollusks Pearls consist of a protective material called nacre, or Mother Of Pearl, which is secreted in reaction to an intruding or wayward organic particle trapped inside the shell. Overtime, layers of Mother Of Pearl harden, build up and form the Pearl giving its resulting size, color and luster.

Pearls are the official birthstone for June and Zodiac gemstone for Gemini and Cancer. They are given as gifts on the 1st, 3rd, 12th and 30th wedding anniversaries and are most importantly the traditional attire of a bride on her wedding day.

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