At SilverShake we stock over 50 different gem varieties. Gemstones are by definition classified as natural crystalline structures of certain mineral types. A gemstone, hardwearing and long lasting, is coveted as much for its attractiveness as its value, which over the span of time amasses a greater and greater value, ensuring gemstone jewelry as an investment for the future.

Our selection of gems range from the ever-popular rarities of Ruby and Sapphire to the lesser known Alexandrite and Rubellite Tourmaline right up to the now highly-fashionable Tanzanite. Choose from 100's of individually crafted 925 sterling silver pendants, in the very latest silver jewellery trends and styles from the fashion world of today. Whatever your heart desires, we can offer you 100's of .925 silver pendants matched to your every taste and suited to all occasions from plain silver pendants, to pendants adorned with all types of gems from Topaz pendants, Amethyst pendants, Peridot pendants, Mother of Pearl pendants all coming in a myriad of different styles and designs…The SilverShake Gemstone Pendants Store Is Pricing Reality!

Our Gemstone Jewellery is suitable for all occasions from formal to casual wear. With Sterling Silver’s beauty and durability offering you the best value in Gemstone Pendants, Sterling Silver is the metal of choice for the 21st century. We carry one of the biggest online ranges of Gemstone Silver Pendants available in the world today, in 100's of Gemstone Jewellery designs and styles and offer a ‘No Questions Asked’ 30-day return policy on all our 925 Gemstone Silver Jewelry items.