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Unlike the mass of jewelry produced today, Filigree Silver Jewelry is totally handcrafted, calling for hours of concentration on the part of its maker. Perfected over millennia, incorporating the ancient techniques and styles of vanished civilizations, Filigree is without a doubt one of the oldest and most beautiful art forms known to man.

Filigree Vintage Jewelry is a broad term given to most types of Filigree Jewelry aged over 20 years or more. Choose from over literally 100s of Vintage Filigree Silver Rings, Silver Earrings, Silver Pendants and Silver Bracelets combining premium quality gemstones into Vintage Filigree Jewellery.

Choose from a myriad of Vintage Jewelry styles and designs suitable for every occasion from casual daywear to glamorous evening dress. We have one of the largest on-line .925 Sterling Silver Jewellery collections available in the world today, and offer a 'No Questions Asked' 30-day return policy on all our 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry items.