Charm Bracelets Due to present financial difficulties, ‘online’ sterling silver jewelry retailers are presenting more and more affordable designer jewelry ideas aimed at the jewelry enthusiast on a budget. One of the most recent money-saving innovations, providing aesthetic luxury with a low price tag is the increasingly popular, high fashion appeal of the collectible sterling silver charms bracelet.

The modern English word ‘Charm,’ grew from its root in the Old French word ‘Charme’ meaning a way to pray through incantation. ‘Charme’ is in turn derived from the Latin word ‘Canere’ meaning to sing or chant verses to invoke power. The word ‘Charm’ used in a way to express pleasure came about in the 1500s. ‘Charm’ began its use as jewelry term during the reign of Queen Victoria in the late 1800s, when she started the fashion of wearing family trinkets and keepsakes worn in lockets on chains.

Without doubt the charm is the oldest form of jewelry known, stemming back thousands of years to the dawn of the first civilizations. However, charm bead jewelry as we know today only really entered into the limelight during the late 1990s.

Sterling silver charms became increasingly prominent on the fashion catwalks of Rome and Milan, via glossy European magazines such as Vogue and Elle. At first sterling silver charm jewelry was simply named charm bead bracelets, but as popularity grew and different designs appeared charms have also become known as Italian charm bracelets, Italian charms, European bead bracelets and European beads.

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